Foggy Day Schedule

Foggy Day Schedule


A. Watch Channel 18

B. Classes will begin at regular time and end at regular time.

C. Washington Colony buses will pick up students 2 hours later than usual.  Students close enough to walk are expected to be in school on time or as soon as it is safe enough to walk. Wandering around town or staying home until bus arrival time will be considered unexcused tardy.

D. If conditions require a delay longer than the 2 hours, we will report the additional delay on Channel 18. The delay will be stated as "UPDATE-WASHINGTON COLONY SCHOOL ADDITIONAL DELAY."

IMPORTANT: Classes start on time regardless of whether a delay is called or whether buses are canceled. If buses are canceled, it is the responsibility of parents to transport students to school. It is considered an unexcused absence if your child is not in school when buses are canceled.