Special Board Meeting @ 7:30pm (Meeting held In-Person in M-5 and also available via Teleconference)
Starts 9/13/2022 @ 7:30 PM Ends 9/13/2022
Location Washington Colony School (M-5)
Contact (559) 233-0706
More Information (Directions)

Teleconference Line for Presenting Public Comment to the Board During the Meeting.

Linea de Teleconferencia para presentar comentario publico a la junta de la mesa directiva.

Dial in: +1 (559) 233-0706

Teleconference Line for Public Participation in Open Session.

Linea de Teleconferencia para participación del publico en sesión abierta.

Dial in: +1 (669) 900-9128

Meeting ID # 86949505061