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Our Rich History

The Washington Colony Elementary School District was organized May 15, 1879. The first school was located in a small 20' by 20' building on the southwest corner of Elm and Washington (now American) Avenues. In 1880, a two-room school building was constructed on property donated by the Easton-Eldridge Company on the south side of Lincoln Avenue, one block east of Elm. In 1889 this building was moved across the street. It became known as Easton Hall and served for a few years as a combination high school and grammar school. In the long, rich tradition of Washington Colony, our school continues to occupy the Lincoln Avenue site. With the reorganization of our campuses in 1997, all 6th – 8th grade classes were moved to the south campus. This established a separate 6th – 8th grade Middle School campus. All primary classrooms were moved to the north campus, making it a K-5 site. A new preschool facility was added to the north campus in 2002.

Washington Colony has historically benefited from a tremendous amount of stability, family and community support, and solid educational programs. Students graduating from Washington Colony are ready to face the rigors of high school and are well along on the journey to success. The “foundation” laid in 1879 has evolved into an outstanding education program and heritage for the students of the Easton community.